1. Ghost Child

A once successful cop, Zane Daniels, is now nearing the bottom of the barrel; struggles with alcohol and a recently failed relationship, have cost him his position on the force. In one night his life is drastically altered, while assisting the victims of a horrible traffic accident. A prophecy he received as a boy, just before his mother died, comes to pass just in time to turn tragedy into triumph. Ghost Child will shake you and remake you, a super natural thriller that is as original as it is refreshing. The Sixth Sense meets Pilgrim’s Progress.


2. Mud Angel

Jim Butcher is captured, as a downed pilot on a mission over enemy territory. While enduring the horrors of a Vietnamese prison camp, Jim tries to think of all the reasons he must survive. A Down syndrome boy, Markey, they used to pick on from elementary school comes to mind. No matter what they did to him, he never stopped laughing or smiling, no matter how horrible or cruel. This remains Jim’s last source of inspiration as the tortures get worse and the time gets longer. Upon the ending of the war, Jim sets out to find his source of hope; where is he, is he even alive? A tail of inspiration in the face of overwhelming odds and constant discouragement, Mud Angel will take you on a sloppy, bumpy ride full of bitterness, hate, and pride only to wash it all away with unconditional love and forgiveness.


3. Chlo-E

In the midst of his darkest times, a porn addict, Simon apparently has no way out. That is until Chloe moves in across the hall in his tiny apartment building. All Simon can think about is her, he dreams of a normal life with her and what it would be like to have a true relationship. The effects of pornography in his life cause him to interpret all things as wrong and shame worthy when it comes to attraction. Every time he sees Chloe, Simon tries to avoid her at all costs, finally Chloe asks him why he does this. Will Simon break free and respond to his true feelings, or will he remain in an isolated fantasy world, alone and miserable?


4. Gold Wing

A boy from the “old world” sets sail for the new, with hopes of bringing the gospel to a people yet to receive this message. His father is a soldier and has different hopes when he arrives, having lost his rank and dignity he hopes for total redemption through military conquest. Waiting for both of them is a people that have been looking for the “pail skins that ride on clouds”, they are hoping for the way of salvation from the “Great Spirit”. When the voyage across the tumultuous Atlantic is over, the true storm begins to test both nations of people. War and pestilence threaten the ideals of all parties as the new world meets the old and darkness meets the light, which will prevail, who will be conquered and who will find their salvation when all is settled? Gold Wing.


5. Death Angel

The end of the world has been deeply discussed in recent years; most think that God will collect His people before the trials to end all trials arrives. When people start to disappear in a small town in Iowa, this is thought to be it, but one thing is puzzling the people who remain, why are the wicked being taken first? There is only one hope for those yet to be taken, they must believe, or outer darkness awaits them all. Has God forgotten his people or has the devil come for his own?


6. Homeless 101

A homeless man is thought to be Jesus by an 8 year old rich boy. The boy demands that the man allow him to “audit” classes from the man, sense he cannot afford what would be required, “I can only do evenings and weekends”. The man agrees in exchange for food stolen from the boy’s house. His parents try and stop him, but the two still find time to meet as often as possible. When they are together the man eats and the boy talks about “his understanding of Jesus” that he learns from Sunday school. Many years later in a random encounter during a lunch break, the now grown up boy learns of his impact on the man and the homeless community. A tail of childlike faith and the unknown impact, even if just a child, we have on the people around us. Homeless 101


7. Deep Space Lone Star

In a future world where all faith has been reduced down to a few remaining gorilla type groups, only one chance is left for them to survive, Deep Space Lone Star! It is a ship going to a distant galaxy, with no return possible. The believers plan to board this ship and find a refuge in this new world. The leader of the mission and president of the federation stands opposed to them and will do anything to squash all religion. When their plans are discovered and the door seems to be closing, there remains one last slim chance, if they are to receive divine assistance and the sea is to part, then they will make it to their promise land. Will all be lost? Is it the end of faith in the future?


8. Forced Confession

In a twisted future reality where priests are used for the evil purposes of the last remaining population on earth, one priest seeks to find himself, his calling and any remaining hope he might have left.


9. If Any Man (working title “Born of Fire”)

A preachers son turned atheist is converted through a providential occurrence that would be hard to believe if it didn’t actually happen.  After his conversion he is offered the largest church in Boston only to turn it down to become the first American missionary to Asia. Along the Way Adoniram lost six children and two wives while preaching the gospel  to a lost and dying idol worshipping people. In the end these people he went to and ultimately died serving, said this about him “he suffered for us” and “he gave us the Bible in our own language”. Adoniram Judson spent thirty seven years away from home and survived many harrowing adventures, that are included in this true event based film. If Any Man – The Life and Death of Adoniram Judson


10. Pursued by Grace

A terminally ill wealthy man with no surviving relatives seeks out two randomly selected, but drastically different strangers, who will embark on a challenge to see which one will inherit his entire fortune.


11. Shaken

An agnostic, a gay man and a backslidden preacher’s son get trapped in a building during a natural disaster. What happens next will challenge and motivate you to look at what really matters when your life is at its end.
12. Paradise Found The life story of the thief who hung on the cross next to Jesus and how he went from having it all to losing it, only to hear the most powerful words a roman could ever hear while dying a criminals death, “today you will be with me in paradise”. Darkness was what awaited him according to his beliefs and Jesus presented an alternative plan, the Paradise Found at the cross by one, can now be had by all.


13. Parallel

How what we do and what we say effect the lives of those around us and how ultimately, it all comes back around.


14. Born Contagious

A mix up in the diagnoses of a set of twins, a boy and girl, lead the parent to give the boy up for adoption. It is later to be revealed that the Hospital Chaplain switched the records of the babies in order to adopt him because his wife could not have children. The girl begins to show signs of the disease and the mistake on the parent’s part is fully realized. When many years later, a faith healer (evangelist) comes to their town, they put all their hopes in God healing her. When he does they are shocked to learn the identity of the Evangelist, it is the boy, now grown up. They learn of his upbringing and find themselves too ashamed to admit their mistake, turning him away again. A story of ultimate rejection and the search for identity like you have never seen.  You will not be immune to effects of this riveting story based on the true story of millions of people all over the world, Born Contagious


15. The Mission Trip

A group of high school kids sets off on a mission trip to Mexico with two adult leaders. On their way they cross the path of a ruthless drug dealer, who becomes infatuated with one of the girls. The group does not realize their “new friend” is a very bad man. He agrees to help them find their village and supply them with lodging. They are taken prisoner and held hostage upon their arrival. While they are being tied up, their youth leader is taken out in front of them and shot. The reality of their situation is fully realized, with no one knowing where they are and no way out, all hope seems to be lost. In a weekend mission trip gone wrong, what will be their response to this extreme test of faith? Who will hold on, who will crack under pressure? A faith that cannot be tested is said to not be able to be trusted, but can a group of kids be expected to endure such a testing?


16. Dancer 

*Marcus is drastically changed and impacted by his new found faith and wants to express it every opportunity he gets. His youthful zeal runs directly into a religious system that does not allow his particular style of expression and seeks to quench his child like response to God. In a struggle to keep his faith on fire while battling against rejection, Marcus finds freedom and brings hope to others in a fresh and deeply inspiring way.*(Best Script Finalist @ the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival 2011) Facebook Page


17.  Story Teller

An ancient story teller passes his gift and book onto another with the specific instructions to do the same when the time is right. The book writes the story of the new story teller as he reads it and others he reads it to. The world around him is transformed into what is written instead of what had been his life. Eventually he is lead to the next “story teller”, upon passing the book on, the events that follow lead to transformation of a nation and it’s desperate people.


18. Life Force 2Ab

In a dark future world overcome by a deadly disease one immune person remains. They have isolated her in a underground facility in order to find a cure for all. One by one the remaining people succumb to the disease, until one desperate scientist chooses to risk everything by exposing others to her. What is found out will challenge all science and the fears of the remaining leaders. Will they use the new knowledge to save the planet or will they let their fears destroy the last chance for life?


19. The Girl With No Heart

HM is hired as a mercenary soldier in order to kidnap a well known scientist. During the mission the real target is found to be the scientist’s daughter. They want to exchange her for the secrets of a new cyborg technology being developed. Along the way HM’s conscience causes him to attempt and save the girl. Along the way HM and the girl find refuge with HM’s old army buddies in their attempt to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. As they close in on them, one question remains, can HM save her or will she end up saving him?


20. A Soldiers Glory

A soldier goes off to war, and is captured by the enemy. His father clings to a promise from their local preacher that he will “come home a new son”. After several long years the son is killed, news reaches his father and he gives up on God and all around him. Until a visitor comes to his office, bearing news of his son. A story of ultimate redemption, trust, hope and love.


21. Children of Light

A new video game is found to have the ability to alter the real world. Those who are given over to the darkness of the game are assisting in the destruction of everything around them. There are a few who try and change the disastrous results of this game, calling on each other and their friends to shed light in order to save the world not only  within the game, but more importantly their own.


22. Ray of Light

A horrible fall leaves a lifetime criminal broken and dying in a full body cast. Then people around him in the hospital begin to recover in remarkable speed. What the hospital staff discovers next could either heal the whole world or cause it to fall into udder chaos.


23. Last Day’s Dawn

A brutal tail of a young Scottish man (John H.) sold into slavery after seeing his Christian family unmercifully slaughtered in front of him. Though not a believer himself, he is thrown in with captured Christians headed for the Americas to be sold as slaves.  After a harrowing shipwreck survival, John is betrayed and after another long sea journey, finds himself being sold to a Puritan plantation owner at the markets in New Jersey.  Despite his pleas for them to buy the Christian woman and children, they decide it is him they are called to redeem. This leads to John’s eventual spiritual redemption at the puritan plantation,    but not soon after, to the shock of the puritans, John chooses to enter back into slavery in order to find the woman and children that were shipped to the Caribbean.

What follows is a twisting tail of betrayal and pain; just when you think you finally understand passion and sacrifice here comes Last Day’s Dawn.


24. The Healer

A very violent man contracts the AIDS virus and is told he only has months to live, until a mysterious stranger empowers him to take a different path. Once only known for harming others, this man now has the ability to heal a nation full of sick and dying people.


25. Ghost Child 2

The effects of a Holy Spirit uprising spread through the lives of those effected in the first Ghost Child


26. The Spirit Grafter (a short)
Inside God’s “art room” when he created the world.